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NEW HOME – update your rss feeds (all y’all out there) 25 June 2008

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the blog is on the move.  come visit me here.  don’t worry – all my historical rants have come with me.


Monday: Birth of a new day, Death of a comic genius 23 June 2008

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Beautiful morning for a ride – mid 60s, calm wind, zero clouds.  Made it in 43 minutes – one of my best times.

I’m saddened as I sit down to begin the day, learning of the death of George Carlin.  He was a cynic’s cynic; a realist.  His humor was drawn from an acute sense of the absurdity of the reality of our world.  He was truly unique, and brilliant in his delivery.  He will be missed.

This weekend was gorgeous weather – too bad I spent most of it slaving around the house.  Saturday morning out of sheer coincidence, AJ and Matt showed up at Victor’s while I was having breakfast.  Ironic that I had just blogged about Matt, and lo and behold I met him at random chance but a few days later.  A cool guy, just like any of my friends.  Sounds like he’s doing well… and his blogging is leading to some very, um, interesting stories.  It was a pleasant meal in the sun, and nice to have some company… seemed like everyone was busy this weekend.

I built a bike rack and a tire rack (for the snow tires) in the garage this weekend – my big accomplishment (aside from spark plugs on the OB… a chore I despise having to do again).  I’m pretty happy in how it turned out… but I had a comical yet scary thought.  I have about 30′ of security cable… way too much for just bikes, so I strung it through the tires/rims as well so some thug doesn’t make away with my stuff like last year.  However if that tire rack gives (I hope my keen engineering sense holds strong), it’s going to be a disaster that will take the bikes right with it.  Fingers crossed, pics to come.

Back to the grind.  1 for 1 riding this week.  Going for 3.